Around December 2022, I first mentioned the village as a place where I would like to work. And although I loved the work I was doing at the time, there was a constant creative block that kept me in a kind of fog, impoverishing me more than enriching me. Back home, and especially at weekends, I would rush to my husband's mother's homestead to do some big job. Out of that desire to grow, I set out to find other ways to create: I sold the ceramics business and closed the doors of my other job soon after. I had no concrete plan, just hundreds of ideas that changed every day. But every time I tried to re-identify myself, the countryside, the animals, the workshops, the wax would come to mind. So, practically within a month, the clarity that came, like an enlightenment, soon turned into an apiary. I still wonder - how? After all, I had no homestead, no source of income, and the door kept closing in front of me. All that was left was the abundance of courage in me to not turn my back on all the doors that were opening, but to move through them, and God's constant blessings: the unexpected arrival of a homestead, beehives, a honey spinning machine donated by strangers, various opportunities to study beekeeping, honourable beekeepers as helpers, etc.
I became interested in beekeeping when I started reading literature about beeswax and its benefits for human health. After trying beeswax of a really high quality, I was also impressed by its pleasant honey aroma, which is now a substitute for home fragrances.
Thanks to all this, today, together with my husband Darius, we are delighted to launch this brand "Provincia", which cares about biodiversity, reducing pollution, preserving handicrafts and supporting local farmers.


Beeswax candles are more than what you burn on your table; they are what you breathe and let your loved ones breathe.